A Bootstrapping Approach to Assessing the Bias of Facebook’s Graph API

Justin Chun-ting Ho

Changes in Graph API

  • On 7 November 2017,
    Facebook introduced a new limitation
  • The API will only return a maximum of
    “600 ranked, published posts per year”
  • How these posts are selected is currently unknown

Is it biased?

Spoiler Alert: It is.

The Data

The Data

  • Scottish National Party’s official Facebook page
  • All posts between 1 January - 31 December 2016
  • Two Rounds of Data Collection:
    7 May 2017 (1031 posts) &
    6 April 2018 (598 posts)
  • Extracted using Netvizz
  • (Rieder 2013)

Bootstrapping Approach

Post Type

User Engagement

Top Terms

Top Terms Analysis

  • Kendall's Tau
  • Top terms (n) between 10 and 1500 in steps of 10
  • Compare: Full Data vs Bootstrap Samples &
    Full Data vs Partial Samples
  • (Morstatter et al. 2013)

Reverse Engineering the Ranking Method

Logistic Regression

Baseline Model:
Full model:

Wait, why
Logistic Regression?

Confusion Matrix

Sentiment and Emotion Scores

Is it the end of the world?

It depends...

  • If you research on information diffusion...
    Link under-represented
  • If you analyise user engagements...
    Misrepresentation of user engagements
  • If you analyise post texts...
    Bias in top terms
  • If you research on public opinion...
    Over-representation of sentimental terms

Thank You!

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Github: justinchuntingho
Email: Justin.Ho@ed.ac.uk