Apoorva, Olga,
Justin, Steffie, Yimei

Mentor: Dr Miriam Fernandez

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2017 Grenfell Tower Fire

Grenfell Tower, North Kensington, London, UK
14 June 2017, 00:54 Local Time
60 hours of fire until extinguished
72 died, over 70 injured, 2000 lost homes

Research Questions

How did the public sentiment about the Grenfell Tower Fire on Twitter evolve over time?

How did the conversation about the Grenfell Tower Fire on Twitter evolve over time?


Data: Sub-sample (10%) of 145k Tweets

Sentiment Analysis

Topic Modeling

Sentiment Analysis

TextBlob vs. Vader

TextBlob vs. Vader

Topic Modeling

Topic Modeling
Sentiment Analysis


1. People sleep at night

2. Big data is too big

3. If you are happy when tragedy happens, you are probably not human

4. The Queen always wins in the end

Real Conclusion

1. We see overall negative sentiment for tweets after crisis like this.

2. Sentiment is context-dependent. Different pattern of trends can only be seen once we look at specific topic.

Implication and Impact:

1. Twitter can be a useful platform for public communication during and after a crisis.

2. Announcement of support from government and organisations would generate positive sentiment on social media after crisis.

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